Saturday, April 9, 2016

What a beautiful day for sailing it turned out to be!! Eight boats were represented at the 9:00 a.m. skipper’s meeting and class splits were discussed. With the boats represented, it was decided to move the PHRF1 split from 99 to 114 which resulted in two boats for PHRF1 and 6 boats for PHRF2. John Pedlow and his wife, Joyce took their boat Siren out to start the race. With 6 knots of breeze from the southwest, we were able to have an on-time start at 10:05 a.m. As the marine layer burned off, the wind dropped to as low as 1 knot and variable. The boats that eventually went the furthest right to wait for the forecasted northwesterly eventually broke away from the rest of the fleet, with Honker in the lead only to become becalmed in the shadow of Vendovi while the rest of the fleet caught up. A lucky break for the trailing boats occurred because as the rest of the fleet arrived, the wind shadow disappeared and the arriving boats were able to sail all the way around Vendovi without becoming becalmed.

With the restart of the race at Vendovi, the wind picked up to 12-15 knots and everybody was off with Cougar Hunter in the lead, only to run into the wind shadow of Lummi Island in the slot between Lummi and Eliza Islands. Working the swirling puffs through there was the key and Cougar Hunter, Honker and Boomer were off on a drag race across the bay as it was a close reach with no tacking involved. Cougar Hunter elected to go high so they could launch their reaching kite, but they couldn’t make the angles work well with that sail and eventually went back to reaching with the jib. Honker straight lined it to the finish, setting their spinnaker for the last mile and a half as the wind had backed enough to fly it.

Honker took line honors finishing at 14:11:47 with Cougar Hunter finishing second at 14:13:48 and Boomer rounding out the top three finishers at 14:19:25. Check out the corrected results below to see where the boats placed for the combined overall results as well as for the fleets divisions.

Thank you to John and Joyce Pedlow and to Arne Ahlen for coming out to start the race.

PHRF Time on Distance by Fleet

PHRF Time on Distance Combined Fleets

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