Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wind and waves were on the menu for tonight. The secret to winning was to finish the race. In order to do that you had to stay on the boat (no easy task for the crew on trapeze tonight in the big mix of waves from multiple directions), keep the boat upright in the gusty conditions and play the huge shifts correctly. Lee Laney and Mike Powell managed to do that every race to take first place in the trying conditions. Kudos to the four boats that tackled the difficult conditions!

Piper, the new Bullfrog club boat also got a workout tonight as the course was reset each race to attempt to provide a reasonably square course (at least for the start which didn’t happen the first race as we saw a 40-50 degree wind shift with less than a minute to go in the start sequence rendering the line impossible to fetch on starboard tack). The waves were large enough that we took water and spray clear over the top of the boat numerous times. The boat handled very well in the trying conditions and allowed us to get to capsized boats quickly as there were times when more than one boat was over at a time!

A big thank you to Bruce Hamilton for graciously stepping up with his J/40 to use as a committee boat, PRO Dick Grimshaw, Bruce and Alan Hamilton for race committee and Mick Corcoran on Mark Boat who hauled up the marks of the course four times during the racing.

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505 Fleet Results
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