Etchells Fleet

Etchells Fleet – The International Etchells Fleet was founded by builder/designer Skip Etchells in 1967 on the East coast. Over the years, the fleet has developed into one of the most competitive one design fleets in the world. There are currently more than 800 active boats in 50 fleets around the world.

The Bellingham Etchells Fleet 16 has been continuously active since 1981. The Fleet currently has an active membership of 10 boats. In addition to our regular Wednesday racing, the fleet holds the annual Etchells Regatta and participates in the PITCH Regatta. Our fleet members have participated in world championship regattas around the word, including events in San Diego, San Francisco and Perth.

Etchells racing is close and exciting with a premium placed on boat speed and tactics. The fleet is always open to new members.

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